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Get answers to the questions you didn't even know you have!!


Next to zero risk of injuries - TTF's style is light & non-contact fitness, super safe & low risk.​

Pros: MUSCLE SHOCK. By having TTF's unique combination of High Intensity but light weights & kickboxing in the same class not only adds spice & fun to your workouts, the body will also avoid muscle memory were people can plateau and stop seeing results.

Cons: No cons for combining the 2 modalities BUT Remember you're learning a sport! TTF Cardio Kickboxing is great fitness but there is an art to it.Therefore, it can take time to feel comfortable with the strikes, kicks and lifts. Please invest the time into yourself and learn, watch the videos on our TTF Kick Punch Lift app or better yet grab a 6 pack of PT's with our team as a great way to start! PT Prices here


NOTE: Repetitive weights training or set programs that last 6-12 weeks often get boring fast & because your not boosting the heart rate into the target zone, so, your slow weight EPOC effect on calorie burn AKA "afterburn" will never match the cardio of kickboxing & don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, it can't be done. If you need proof, just look at the physique of a boxer. So you can enjoy knowing that you will be burning calories long after the TTF class finishes compared to more traditional trainings. (the 30-60 rest & set programs). While weight lifters are resting between sets, the boxer keeps working & burning!!

Why is TTF different?

We could now blast you with a well-developed marketing pitch. However, in the end, it's quite simple. TTF is not a franchise gym. TTF is a family owned local business. So if there's something you need done, here' the owners number Paul 043529012, talk to him and we can fix things quickly without red tape and head office BS excuses.  We treat our members as people that want to reach fitness or health goals and not as a membership number & you get contacted from people, not machines, you get trained by people not TV's.

What is TTF famous for?

Members would say "getting fit and having fun doing it". However, utilising our Kick Punch Lift approach to Cardio Kickboxing & weights, we are masters @ creating muscle chock, so if your that person who trains and trains with the same results, it's usually you've developed muscle memory. Shock your muscles with kickboxing the shock it back to weights & PRESTO......... TTF gets results...
PS: Also Owner, Paul Rose was kind of a big deal when he was still a boxer. (more about Paul and the team here)

Do I need any previous experience?

Nope. We offer beginners sessions, Owner Paul Rose & his team offer a fantastic introductory sessions to all new trialing members completely free. Even once your a member, just ask for our help. We are more than happy to spend time with you before & after classes to teach you. FREE.. This helps you to get comfortable with the new movements and training approach. And you'll get some awesome easy-to-remember tips that you can rely on during your long-lasting membership. 

How many Classes do you offer?

70+, no kidding! TTF offers one of the biggest timetables in Australia. You have unlimited access to over 70 different classes per week at two locations in Adelaide no matter which membership you grab (unless specifically stated otherwise). 

What Membership Options do you offer?

3 main options. GOLD, FLEXIBLE & LOCKED. They all get you the same level of access but vary slightly on price subject to your commitment. We have lots of special memberships, packs & casual visit options for everyone's unique situation so please ask us if you find our 3 Main Membership Options don't suit. 

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes, and we love it.  TTF's team of specialised trainers offer you a wealth of knowledge and numerous years of experience. Some trainers are employed & some are contracted. Please visit the PT page to see prices & contact each trainer direct or better yet.... Give Paul a call and tell him your goals so he can provide the best suited trainer.

So what can I expect from TTF?

SMILES. We push for fun! We are a high energy CARDIO gym and the best gym in Adelaide to provide an exciting variety of over 70 different classes.
Our aim is to make reaching your goals as much fun as possible, no matter if your
looking for Weight Loss, Muscle Gain or overall health and body maintenance.

As a member, you can participate in classes, challenges, bootcamps & personal training sessions and special GOLD classes. We'll do anything to make your gym
visit a fun and satisfying experience
. Almost anything...

what about Facilities like Showers?

Of course, Our Somerton Park Gym has 5 showers & change rooms with plenty of vanity space for getting ready. The Torrensville Gym has a shower/change room with an adjoined powder room & separate toilet room.

Do we train with partners?

Nah. We don't like that. We call that "Poor Man's Kickboxing" and honestly think it sucks. We have a large kickboxing room with over 20 bags and weights stations at each gym. You'll train on those! So, you will never hold pads for another member at TTF.

what does a typical Member look like?

Like you! We've developed all classes to be "unisex" and to suit all sizes, shapes and fitness levels. Our diversity is what makes us special & inclusive. Our members range from 25yo to 55yo and from experienced/retired fighters to total newbies, overweight, underweight. We are proud that over 80% of our members are women.

Can I just do Weights?

Sure! We offer close to 20 LIFT classes per week and you wont be hitting the bags at all. Our gym is also fully equipped with free weights, cable machines, smiths machines, bikes, rowers & other key equipment. We are also well known for being unique, so don't be surprised when you see sleds, torsonators, sledge hammers, tyres, weighted vests, aqua bags, battle ropes & many more fun toys.

What do I need to start?

Towel, water, hand wraps, gloves & a smile. We hire out and sell gloves and wraps. But, any ways, please don't hesitate to ask a trainer for advise about the gloves you need. 

Are you doing Fitness or Competition?

TTF focusses on Fitness and is not a classic Boxing Gym (you know, Rocky style, we don't do that) However, we can help you to start with Boxing or Kickboxing and then progress your skills to a good level. If you're at the point were you want to excel and advanced partner skills we're happy to pass you onto a great competition club near by & suited to your style. We are good friends with many many competition clubs all across Adelaide & even interstate. Please talk to Paul!

Can I take classes and train alone?

Of course.  Most memberships include unlimited access to the gym. So do your thing! If you only want to use the gym equipment you can definitely do that. However, if we need the equipment for classes (e.g. for a lifting class) we'd recomend to follow the class format as it's distracting to others if your off doing your own thing. (If you're injured or want to work on rehab yourself, please see us to talk about options)

I have an injury, can I still do classes?take classes and train alone?

Glad you asked! Most of the time yes! All trainers have seen it all and are happy  to offer you an alternative to moves you feel uncomfortable with. NEVER do a move that you feel uncomfortable with! Get the trainers attention in class and they will show a variation on the spot. EG: Sit ups hurt your back, just do squats. Please note:
(For serious injuries we will require a letter of clearance from the appropriate health care provider.)

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