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nourish your mind and body at the same time!
You are putting all that force onto your body and muscles, it's time for some recovery work!

Massage can be used after exercise to help improve recovery. Massage encourages recovery from strenuous exercise or muscular injuries. Massage improves blood flow which can assist healing to damaged and affected areas. Regular massage will ensure you can keep up regular gym sessions injury free. 


Massage stretches muscle fibers and promotes flexibility. With consistent massage therapy, both range-of-motion and muscle flexibility improve. When the body moves properly, an athlete can move more efficiently. Additionally, massage improves muscle tone by mechanically stimulating the reflexes within the muscle.

Do 2 great deeds for yourself at the same time, hit the gym session and see the book a massage straight after while your there!

Hi there! Tony here, I've completed a diploma in remedial massage through the Australian Institute of Fitness, and I'm certified in various massage techniques such as myofascial cupping and dry needling.


With my training and experience, I'm able to offer a range of services to clients seeking massage therapy. I offer treatments that include postural analysis and range of motion assessment.

I'm passionate about the benefits of massage therapy for improving recovery and muscle function allowing you to keep punching those bags @ TTF for longer. Regular massage has been shown to increase range of motion and flexibility, as well as improve muscle tone by stimulating muscle reflexes. It's an effective way to assist with the healing of damaged and affected areas by improving blood flow.


Overall, I believe that my credentials and expertise in this area will benefit my clients. I'm committed to continual learning and development of my skills and knowledge to provide the best possible service to those seeking massage therapy.

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