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Put the time in & invest in yourself..

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Not sure who to pick? Grab our "KICK STARTER"  pack & try them all. It's $139 & gets you 4x30min sessions that can be booked online with any of our kick-ass coaching staff, then once you decide who your best suited to, you can buy packs directly from that coach! 

TTF gyms don't just have your average trainers. Each trainer brings their own unique training method to help all members reach their personal fitness goals by tailoring programs to each client. We have elite trainers who specialise in one-on-one boxing coaching, physique transformation and body building, sport specific training and general physical fitness.


There is no goal too small or too big our trainers can't help you achieve. Our trainers work around the clock starting from 5am to 8pm at night and also are available weekends.

There is no better way to reach your fitness goals than with a TTF trainer!

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The Canadian born boxer apparently had 40 fights, floated a 3 year undefeated run in the SA mens open elite division & defeated 3 major Australian Champions. Claimed 2 X Middleweight & 1 X Light Heavyweight State Championship belts & was a 2 X Australian representative overseas.  After joyfully getting belted by the Commonwealth Champion Jarrod Fletcher, he just missed the 2008 Olympics by 1 fight. He still doesn't know why boxing rings are square?


Paul’s coached over 400 fights including high performance athletes Australia wide 
at the highest level & became Head Coach, then State Manager of SA’s Elite Squad.

Random: Paul received a written warning for riding a skateboard through the restaurant were he completed his Chef’s apprenticeship. Paul has been playing bad jokes on members of the fitness industry since 2002.

Paul; Best part of my day, blackmailing my kids for cuddles & practicing dad jokes on Gabi & getting nothing.

Sum it up, I hated pizza until I tried it.

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I am Sarina La Bella, and yes that is my real last name! I am crazy in love with everything fitness and health. I began my fitness career a long 15 years ago as a group fitness instructor. I then ventured out to be a personal trainer for over 12 years now.


I've trained clients in gyms, parks, garages, beaches, playgrounds, my house, pretty much everywhere, and loved every minute of it. I have 2 degrees. One in nutritional science and one in Psychological Science. I'm also a mother of a super energetic 3-year-old who keeps me on my toes day and night. I have a loving husband who has always supported my love for fitness, even when I wanted to go walking on the beach in the wind and rain at 40 weeks pregnant!



Nothing stands in my way when it comes to fitness. Let me share my passion with you. 

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Alex is without a doubt, the most humble & modest man you will find in a gym. His supreme boxing skills advanced him through over 40 full competition fights at the highest level & has seen him soar to share the ring on the world stage to fight against the world number one.

A man with nothing to prove, his record does it for him which allows him to focus on nothing but putting others first. Team up with Alex as a experienced professional fighter or start with him from ground zero not knowing a thing about the sweet science, after your first pack you'll be blown away at how good you look.


Boxing with Paul for so many years is why I have more grey hairs than my nanna.


Anything's possible.

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Name is Jerick, I’ve been a combat sports coach for over a decade, Brazilian jujitsu and Mixed martial arts in particular. I've trained and coached athletes amateur and professionals alike. I myself have trained in almost all styles of martial arts (MMA, Brazilian jujitsu, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Boxing, Freestyle wrestling and Judo) I'm also a professional Mixed martial arts fighter and i hold a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Sum it up:  "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable"

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Hi everyone Luco here!

I have a wide range of fitness specialities, including weight loss, Muay Thai, conditioning, and strength training. Since discovering my love for fitness in high school, I have devoted my time to learning about the human body and discovering ways to support others in achieving their fitness objectives. I studied Exercise Science as my major at Flinders University, and I'm committed to offering tailored training plans that enable people to realise their full potential. 


I have the knowledge and understanding to support you whether it be weight loss, gaining strength, or even learning a new skill. 

RANDOM: I can sleep anywhere.


SUM IT UP: “A champion is someone who gets up when they can't” - Jack Dempsey

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Pregnancy information: There is a-lot of mis-information about what women can & can't do when exercising during pregnancy. Weight training & exercise throughout pregnancy is perfectly safe (including boxing against the bag and pad work) provided modifications are made as the pregnancy progresses & medical practitioners' advice is following accordingly. 

Maintaining all areas of health and fitness during pregnancy is paramount to maximise health outcomes for mother and baby, including physical, mental & emotional wellness. If you want to stay active during your pregnancy whilst maintaining your overall wellbeing, either book in for 1:1 PT sessions or try our kickboxing classes with our instructors who can help you adapt exercises and moves safely as you grow.  

About Thao: No doubt is the shortest one @ TTF but dont be fooled, she's little but fierce... And Crazy. Like who else studies uni full time, works 3 jobs & runs her own business whilst looking after two kids under 3yo?? 

What helps her cope?

Boxing - wait, bubble tea. With a driving passion to specialise in pre/post fitness & nutrition, Thao hope to help mums strive to maintain there fitness. Before, during & after pregnancy, Thao can ensure mums stay healthy & give bubs the best start to life as possible.

RANDOM: Turning right at the traffic light with no green arrow is incredibly stressful.

SUM IT UP: Thao wants to find Janeys avocado tree.

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Meet Jennifer Carroll, the highly experienced personal trainer who guarantees results.


With over 17 years in the fitness industry and a string of accolades, including health coach of the year and personal trainer of the year, Jennifer's success stories speak for themselves.


Her love for movement and human anatomy propelled her to become a qualified physiotherapist, but it's her contagious enthusiasm for personal training that sets her above the rest.


Jennifer's clients love her not just for her credentials, but for her passion and devotion to their progress. Book a session with Jennifer today and find out for yourself what makes her stand out. 

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Put the time in & invest in yourself..

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