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Your new favourite gym!


Next to zero risk of injuries - TTF's style is light & non-contact fitness, super safe & low risk.

Pros: MUSCLE SHOCK. By having TTF's unique combination of High Intensity but light weights & kickboxing in the same class not only adds spice & fun to your workouts, the body will also avoid muscle memory were people can plateau and stop seeing results.

Cons: No cons for combining the 2 modalities BUT Remember you're learning a sport! TTF Cardio Kickboxing is great fitness but there is an art to it.Therefore, it can take time to feel comfortable with the strikes, kicks and lifts. Please invest the time into yourself and learn, watch the videos on our TTF Kick Punch Lift app or better yet grab a 6 pack of PT's with our team as a great way to start! PT Prices here


NOTE: Repetitive weights training or set programs that last 6-12 weeks often get boring fast & because your not boosting the heart rate into the target zone, so, your slow weights EPOC effect on calorie burn AKA "afterburn" will never match the cardio of kickboxing & don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, it can't be done. If you need proof, just look at the physique of a boxer. So now you can enjoy knowing that you will be burning calories long after the TTF class finishes compared to more traditional trainings. (the 30-60 rest & set programs). While weight lifters are resting between sets, the boxer keeps working & burning!!

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Our classes are unisex and suit all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. However, we are proud to have a 70% female membership base.

TTF was first established on Henley Beach road, Torrensville in late 2011, with only 1 person to attend our classes in the first 2 weeks, we got a bit worried. We made "NO EXCUSES" and continued to pursue the dream. Working 3 jobs as a chef, roofing contractor & trainer, squeezing in TTF classes when he could Paul crushed every day better than the last & by the end of 2012 we were proud to have had over 100 members & have been growing ever since! Now we are proud to say we are Australia's largest class based gym with the largest timetable to match & also the longest serving gym in the western suburbs of Adelaide. We have members who have been with us for 5, 8, 10 & even 12 years!!! 

Paul Rose is the owner of TTF & a veteran in the gym industry spanning over 3 decades, he's seen it all & whilst changing with the times, still manages to remain true to the brand without getting side tracked by the pop up fads that scroll by us. Paul is a renowned boxer representing Australia overseas with 40 fights, 3 x state championship across two divisions in the open elite men's division, he went on to be South Australia's Head Coach & State Manager of Australia’s Boxing Elite team in 2009/10/11.

He has established 5 gyms in South Australia, and is the guru of gym owners. Paul is proud to know what members want & how to look after his staffing unit!


Paul's mum, Janey in memberships & his wife Gabi in Sales are the rock behind this well run family business & simply put, TTF would not be here for any of us if were not for Gabi & Janey who are both fulltime in the gym behind the scenes. We employ & contract kick ass & great staff to help us run our amazing brand of gym unique to anything else out there.


Mid-2022 we opened TTF Somerton Park, our first "second" location. With a lot of help from family, friends and members who smashed working bees, we transformed a 40yo run down former office space at the corner of Brighton Road and Oaklands Road into a state-of-the-art CARDIO kickboxing & weights gym.

Paul's famous all-night/dayer where he spent a total of 42 hours straight painting the place while posting on socials was only the final stint of a 3 month renovation with no work day less than 15 hours. Put in perspective we filled up 20x10csm skip bins costing over 12'000 just in rubbish removal.

FUN FACT: Paul trained every day (5 days a week) for 3 months straight despite working 15 hour days. He never skipped the gym whilst doing this HUGE renovation.

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