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Our classes are unisex and suit all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. However, we are proud to have a 70% female membership base.

TTF was first established on Henley Beach road, Torrensville in late 2011, with only 1 person to attend our classes in the first 2 weeks, we got a bit worried. We made "NO EXCUSES" and continued to pursue the dream. Working 3 jobs as a chef, roofing contractor & trainer, squeezing in TTF classes when he could Paul crushed every day better than the last & by the end of 2012 we were proud to have had over 100 members & have been growing ever since! Now we are proud to say we are one of Australia's largest class based gym with one of the largest timetables to match & also the longest serving gym in the western suburbs of Adelaide. We have members who have been with us for 5, 8, 10 & even 12 years!!! 

Paul Rose is the owner of TTF & a veteran in the gym industry spanning over 3 decades, he's seen it all & whilst changing with the times, still manages to remain true to the brand without getting side tracked by the pop up fads that scroll by us. Paul is a renowned boxer representing Australia overseas with 40 fights, 3 x state champion across two divisions in the open elite men's division, he went on to be South Australia's Head Coach & State Manager of Australia’s Boxing Elite team in 2009/10/11.

He has established 5 gyms in South Australia, and has mentored hundreds of trainers & thousands of members. Paul is proud to know what members want & how to look after his staffing unit!


Paul's mum, Janey in memberships & his wife Gabi are the rock behind this well run family business & simply put, TTF would not be here for any of us if were not for Gabi & Janey who are both fulltime in the gym behind the scenes. We employ & contract kick ass staff to help us run our amazing brand of gym unique to anything else out there.


Mid-2022 we opened TTF Somerton Park, our first "second" location. With a lot of help from family, friends and members who smashed working bees, we transformed a 40yo run down former office space at the corner of Brighton Road and Oaklands Road into a state-of-the-art CARDIO kickboxing & weights gym.

Paul's famous all-night/dayer where he spent a total of 42 hours straight painting the place was only the final stint of a 3 month renovation with no work day less than 15 hours. Put in perspective we filled up 20 x 10 cubic sqm skip bins costing over $12'000 just in rubbish removal. WOWZERS....

FUN FACT: Paul boxed every day sometimes @ 4am or midnight (5 days a week) for 3 months straight despite working 15 hour days. He never skipped the gym whilst doing this HUGE renovation.

TTF Somerton Park Family Built Gabi Paul Janey
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