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8 years of uninteruppted loyalty.
Award: Hand made genuine leather gloves with your name embroidered on the strap.

Titanium status is the top award TTF bestoe's upon members who show extreme dedication to TTF & ultimately themselves over 8 years.

Worn with an extreme sense of pride & honour as hardened proof that never giving up yields rewards.

Titanium Gloves are earnt, not won or bought. They represent a journey once travelled as gym & member now formed into TITANIUM friendship.

“TITANIUM GLOVE CHAMPIONS”  you are what TTF stands for.

Diamond Gloves

Diamond Gloves snip.JPG
5  years of uninteruppted loyalty.
Award: Genuine Leather pro-elite gloves.

Diamond Status is an honour TTF awards members who are undeniably dedicated to themselves & TTF over 5 years. 
They understand longevity, they have been bored, tired, busy & sore. 
They pushed past & stopped the excuses. Then they started winning.


you are the example of NO EXCUSES.


Make today a day of NO EXCUSES to start your Diamond Journey.

Golden Gloves

Golden gloves black back ground TTF.JPG
Challenge, 100 sessions.
Award: Genuine leather pro-elite gloves.

The GG challenge is an opportunity for members to dedicate themselves to there fitness during GG months. The challenge is free, can be any TTF class or PT or a 30min session. & you don't compete against anyone but your own sweet self with no expectations in class other than to actually attend/train.100 sessions during the GG Challenge (specific months only) to win the prestigious title of "GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPION". Winners receive a pair of genuine leather pro-elite boxing gloves to wear with pride. 

When you see a pair, you will feel inspired. It won't be easy, nothing worth while is.

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