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Paul & Gabi
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Get the TTF Kickboxing experience with a UNLIMITED 7 DAY INTRO PASS with our world class instructors! Classes are available for ages, skill levels & gender.

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Welcome to Total Toning Fitness Kickboxing

Through our proprietary circuit training methods, we shred away your unwanted weight and sculpt your muscles naturally; regardless of age, experience or fitness level.


As the 2nd longest serving gym in the western suburbs of Adelaide, we pride ourselves on our wide range of classes that help you build skills, fitness and knowledge, coached by a world class team.


When you join TTF, your changing your life!


  • Beginner-Friendly Environment 

  • Trains Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance More Effectively

  • Full-body Workout Engaging The Entire Upper and Lower Body


  • Release Stress, Feel Rejuvenated, and Increase Your Energy Level

  • 80+ Classes Per Week, 5am to 8pm Daily

  • Fully Qualified & Experienced Trainers

  • Weekly Memberships As Low As $19.99 For Unlimited Classes & Gym Access

  • Fun and Dynamic Workouts for All

TTF Member reviews testimony kickboxing fitness personal training flexible timetable classes group fitness


I love this place. I've tried a few traditional gyms, and I find not many classes are fun, and the few that are fun are on at such specific times, it makes it harder to fit fitness into my life. TTF classes start on the hour every hour, making it so much easier to schedule a session into a workday. But more importantly, none of them boring - it's different every time you go, sometimes they're more fun, sometimes they're more intense, and you get something out of it every time. Plus, kickboxing is just fun and a great stress outlet.

TTF Member reviews testimony kickboxing fitness personal training flexible timetable classes group fitness shyllie


TTF timetable is amazing! Being busy with work and kids sports I can still get to the gym almost everyday of the week. The professional trainers are always welcoming, energetic and motivating. Music is amazing and parking is easy. In the 6 months I have been attending my fitness, flexibility, strength, coordination and confidence have all improved and I have met some great people. Thanks TTF

TTF Member reviews testimony kickboxing fitness personal training flexible timetable classes group fitness Amanda


I purposely found a house close to TTF so I could go back there. I used to be a member a few years ago, but then I moved house and had to join another gym closer to me..... it just wasn't the same and I always missed TTF. I then moved to Queensland and when I knew I was moving back to Adelaide I purposely found a house close to TTF so I could go back there..... its been a few months now and I've loved every minute of being back! The trainers make you feel so welcome and you leave every session feeling like you've done your best! Love it!!!

TTF Member reviews testimony kickboxing fitness personal training flexible timetable classes group fitness Amy Hollister



One of the best workout spots I’ve found. I’m hooked on the classes, trainers and vibes!

Loving it !

Thank you

Testimonials From Our 500+ Strong Community

Paul Rose boxer champion kickboxing fitness personal trainer strength specialist boxing coach torrensville & somerton park

Meet the Owner, Paul Rose.

With over 20 years in boxing & fitness Paul's seen just about everything & built systems to deliver members needs. He welcomes your conversation anytime and loves nothing more than a good chat about your goals & pointing you in the right direction..

A former State Boxing Champion with 40 fights, Elite State Head Coach, State Manager, Strength Coach & Personal Trainer, Paul's core belief is fitness must be enjoyable & simple to follow in order to achieve genuine & lasting lifestyle changes.

Meet the rest of Paul's Team 


Who comes?
Our members range from 14yo - 75yy with a 70% female member base seeking general fitness. 

Is there a shower/change room? Of course, Torrensville location has 1 shower/change room & 1 powder room with hair straightner & a hair dryer. Available all day. Somerton Park location has multiple showers/toilets & change rooms with plenty of vanity space for getting ready.

Pros & Cons of Kickboxing Fitness?
Pros: Highest form of calorie burn per session resulting in fast weight loss.
Cons: Remember your learning a sport it's not just fitness, it can take time to feel comfortable with the strikes.

I have injuries, can I still do classes?
Most of the time yes! Trainers have experienced most injury cases and can offer you an alternative to moves you feel uncomfortable with. NEVER do a move that you feel uncomfortable with, get the trainers attention in class and they will show you on the spot. If the trainer is busy with other members, you can approach them or change the exercise yourself to something more comfortable. EG: Sit ups hurt your back, just do squats. Serious injuries will require a letter of clearance from the appropriate health care provider.

I’m out of shape and nervous to start. Should I get my cardio up before booking my Free Trial?
It’s always better to have our coaches guide you to get your cardio and fitness up. We have beginners join the program daily and our staff is trained to help you along the way.

How many classes a week do you recommend I attend to see any changes?
If you'd like to maintain your fitness, 1-2 classes per week would be perfect. To see real change, we recommend going for 3-4 classes per week.


Somerton Park

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