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TTF Torrensville Kickboxing Boxing Gym.jpg
Who would have thought 10 years ago that TTF Torrensville
one day would be one of the longest-running gyms in Adelaide?

Welcome to your new favourite gym!

TTF Torrensville is located at 233A Henley Beach Road next to the Mobile Service Station.

On around 600sqm you'll find everything you need
to get you on your way to elevated awesomeness.

The ground floor features a fully equipped weights gym, smiths machines, cables, bikes, rowers, leg press, GHD machine, sledge hammers, sleds & loads of other toys, plus a boxing ring for your Fight Club sessions. The upper level is fitted out with
24 boxing bags and lifting stations; and is probably the
second largest Kickboxing and Boxing room in Adelaide
(only TTF Somerton Park is bigger, lol)

At TTF Torrensville we are offering the similar combination classes as Somerton Park. A unique mix of Kickboxing and Boxing techniques and well-known fitness classes such as HIIT, CARDIO, BUTT, LIFT or CORE.

Our approach to fitness and the guidance of our experienced trainers will help you to
shred some unwanted kgs, tone your body, gain muscles or reach your individual rehabilitation goals.

Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial and see for yourself.

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