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Closed public holidays.



FIGHT CLUB = All levels welcome, contact optional. Partner work, offensive striking skills plus defence.

CORE = Core focused (sit-ups, leg raises etc).

CARDIO = Cardio focused (minimal rest, high repetition with light impact).

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training (many breaks but maximum effort).

BUTT = Leg & Bum focus (lunges, squats, kicks, running etc).

LIFT UP (no kickboxing) = Lifting weights ONLY with the upper body (curls, presses, flys, punches etc).

LIFT LOW (no kickboxing) = Lifting weights ONLY with the legs (back squats, box runs, sumo squats etc).

KICK = Kickboxing Fitness is incorporated into all classes that say "KICK" (non competition).

Example = "KICK n CORE" Kickboxing combos with a core focus for that class.