Break the Plateau with the FITT Principal

WARNING, I've kept this short & simple so anyone can do this. If your not the reading type, just watch the videos at the end.

By applying these principals you will get results but, we will have to change your approach. To get the results you desire we need to avoid muscle memory & create muscle shock & yes that will mean your not always going to get to do what you like. But this works.Training smarter & not harder.

In 4-6 week blocks choose any of the following as a focus point to change.

1. Frequency

2. Intensity

3. Timing

4. Type


A. If your training 5 times a week, try increasing to 6 or decreasing to 3.


A. Change your strikes (boxing) from speed to power or vice/versa.

B. For arguments sake you throw 100 punches in a round, drop back to 50 but throw harder by inserting a 1 second pause in between each kick or punch, this will allow you the time to generate more power creating shock on your muscles resulting in better results (weight loss/strength)

C. If you normally strike a boxing bag and it swings, try striking it with out it swinging. We call this "kissing" the bag. You focus on snappy retraction (pulling back) of the strikes (punches & kicks) rather than actual impact. It builds your speed & definitely shocks the body.

D. If you normally squat the orange weights, try the green.

E. If your repping out 60 squats in 60 secs. Squat slower up & down taking 6-8 sec to perform 1 single squat.


A. If your training for 60 minutes, drop back to 30 or 45.


A. If all you do is kickboxing, take a break, go run for a month.

B. If all you do is lift weights, go kickboxing, try yoga.

C. If you love strike training & you cant bring yourself to do anything else, do what I do & swap between hands & kicks for a month at a time. So it's a month of boxing (hands only), then a month of just the kicks. BRUTAL. By the time you come back to the hands 4 weeks later, its such a new refreshing feeling your body reacts postivly and rewards you with new results.

Note: Trainers don't mind you changing a combo for yourself to suite you. Most of the time trainers are stoked your working out and applying tactics.

Stay beautiful & awesome guys!

Paul Rose - TTF.