Nothing is as fast as Strike training

Strike training is any kick, punch, knee or elbow thrown, together you have creative & effective calorie burning combinations.

While striking you can throw 20+ strikes in 5 secs or 6+ strikes compared to the same amount of time it takes to do 1 rep of a let's say a light weighted squat to press with a kettle bell, or clean and jerk's or a jump squat and rope slam as example's. Then you have the rest period between sets with these routines while a boxer would keep going followed by active recovery - this see's boxing achieve a continued calorie output while the weight lifter/HIIT trainer is resting. Make sense right, the HIIT component for boxing is the short explosive strikes you unload then move before your next strike = HIIT, or the intervals between rounds which can also be structured in all sorts of different ways. Strike training or "kickboxing" also has something over every other form of gym routine and it's the "shock factor". Actual impact from the strike on the bag. The impact sends a positive vibration through your limbs and into your core resulting in a after shock calorie burn even after the strike has finished. This also results in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), day's later and the EPOC-homeostasis theory. (The amount of post energy required by the body to restore the cells back to there original or repaired state).

Many weights & HIIT lifting fans love to lay claim that weights can burn higher calories with HIIT style training due to the EPOC theory (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), and the process in it of homeostasis. Which is a 100% true theory. But they can seem to think there the only people in the world doing it. Kickboxing or Boxing is HIIT, created centuries ago and nothing new. The only way you will have a higher calorie output with a weights circuits HIIT style (regardless of any equipment used) is if you kick and punch like a baby. So strike with all your might. Boxing is and always has been king of the ring, supreme for weight loss and natural strength training, proven for decades in countless sports science & fitness articles. Read on to understand more!!

Kickboxing/Boxing strikes are fast & complete, an all over body workout making true human movements of stepping, bending, leaning & pushing dynamics with all limbs, joints & core being engaged with every strike, it's absolutely fantastic. Strike training will shred more KG's faster than any other form of training, plus improved core stability, flexibility, coordination, power and confidence just to name a few FANTASTIC proven benefits. Below are a few links on more of that if your interested.

The average puncher at TTF (no one super awesome) will burn approximately 1 calorie per 4-5 punches, most of our members being tracked via the HYKSO punch trackers (ask a team member to try these out) are throwing 2000 punches (kicks not included) which achieves 300-500 calories after only 20 minutes of actual strike time. Then they have varied strength/floor circuits on top of that to make up a 45 minute class - potentially burning in excess of 700-1000 calories (providing your not hitting like a baby). Pump 2-4 of these out a week and enjoy watching the body transform. Basically Just strikes alone are burning more than most regular strength sessions/circuits in half the time.

let it be very clear that "after-burn/DOMS" you feel days later after training or "EPOC" (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) I spoke of earlier happens in any form of exercise not just weights and it is dependent on how hard you actually work not what you do. So I'm not selling you weights, cycling, kickboxing or yoga here, I'm telling you to work hard with whatever your favorite exercise is by focusing on an intense & safely elevated heart rate and you'll achieve EPOC (burn of calories even when your not at the gym). With weights it is only under the basis that your heart rate is pumping and your lifting the heavier stuff which carries it's own risk of injury the heavier you go under duress/muscle fatigue. Makes sense right, and anyone lifting the bigger stuff has or is always dealing with some sort of injury after years of lifting. The weights/HIIT "lift and rest" approach results in a slightly bulkier look which is great if that's your desire of course, were kickboxing/HIIT "light weight and high rep's - active recovery" approach is faster and safer whilst creating a leaner more natural look . Any form of strike training will create a lean body with shape and tone to all of your natural muscles without over training one particular muscle group.

Now make no mistake - we love strength/circuits training at TTF and we do truckloads as you would know if your one of our class goers and were not saying don't do them. We are saying don't think your burning more calories with weights over boxing (unless your punching like a baby). Weights are great but they have limits and there is a lot of misguided over promotion & exaggerated results of such styles out there. So let's keep it real and remember the basics. Strength = weight gains Kickboxing = weight loss. This has not changed and never will, no matter what spin get's put on it by clever salesmen. So we recommend that you find the balance of each style and incorporate both into your weekly training to avoid muscle memory, increase muscle shock and maximize your results in cardio & strength. And avoid being misled with the results you get promised.

Stephen Finney & Paul Rose at TTF after Stephens win of the Boxing South Australia's Elite male boxer of the year among many other awards.

You don't need to be a champion boxer to enjoy the art form's benefits. None the less it is an art form and weather you strive to perfect the art or just enjoy the stress relief factors. The professional athletes who do it every day all over the world - Mayweather/Klitschko/GGG/Canelo just to name a few are sure to inspire and motivate you as well - if that's your thing. Fast hand's win fights, you know what your fight is so get out there and win it.

Keep those hands up and gloved up

Stay AWESOME - Paul.