RIPPT - cardio weights classes now at TTF

Well its been a long time coming but the entire team is pretty chuffed to announce RIPPTS back with the first weights class starting on 6am September 4th along with the all new timetable which has a lazy 65 classes per week for all you awesome people to choose from - STILL NO PRICE INCREASE.

But let's talk RIPPT, targeting low impact training but still hot as ever with TTF's style of intense cardio now just with weights. Don't worry you can still back it up after or before by belting out one our famous kick boxing classes upstairs. We've gone and designed custom framed racks for RIPPT that house each participants equipment in one easy to find spot so there's ZERO set up and ZERO pack up. WE WANT YA TO GET RIPPT so the last thing we wanted was to have you waiting for things to be set up while you could be using your precious and valuable time to be smashing out a set of cleans or presses, perhaps a few front squats or rotational twists with reverse lunges!!

Which brings me to the next point, what exactly do you do to get RIPPT?? Apart from RIPPING all the garbage out of your fridge at home and eating clean, in our RIPPT class you can expect FULL ON variety and each session changing with intense super sets and ZERO rest (of course you can take 5 anytime to suit your fitness level) but we will work you to your limits and have a ball while doing so. Every dumbbell exercise you can think of including fly's, presses, curls, punches and anything else you can think of we do it! Pump bars are not heavy to look at, but throw one around for 60 seconds in one of our RIPPT classes and it'll be the heaviest thing you've ever lifted. With clean & jerks, military presses, speed bar work, core engagement, abdominal roll outs, walking lunges and squats being the main cause of body abuse here. We tie it in with plenty of isometric work while you let opposing major muscle groups rest in an active state of recovery, this will ensure a steady calorie burn long after you leave us and in most cases - even into the next 48 hours providing you put in the effort to get RIPPT in the fast explosive 45 minute session.

ENOUGH CHAT - we cant wait to see you in RIPPT.