The TTF Diet

1. Laugh with everyone you meet

2. Respect yourself

3. Respect others

4. Say hello to a stranger everyday

5. Smile 100 x a day

6. Congratulate your self on something you've done

7. Congratulate someone else on something they did.

Anyway that should be common practice.

Eat healthy, your not silly so don't make silly choices, Don't pay hundreds of dollars to a specialist for something you already know. Trust yourself. Yes water is a better choice than sugar filled drinks. Yes salad is a better choice than pasta. Yes grilled is better than deep fried. And yes it's all in moderation. The most important thing is to make it long term, enjoy a glass of red on Friday arvo, but don't have to many, and don't forget to train. Enjoy a chocolate bar because that's your treat, don't forget to burn it off. Eat your carbs, the brain needs 160 g a day of them just to function so go for it, but don't be silly about it. Don't eat it just before bed and sleep on it, avoid them after 1:00pm. Love your life, don't stress, and don't be silly and pay hundreds for this simple common sense stuff, trust yourself you already know that it's better you grab the water off the shelf than the coke. You don't need to pay hundreds of dollars from an expert to tell you this, it's basic stuff team. It's us damn humans that go and complicate life, get back to basics and smile.

PS: your tummy is only as big as your fist, look at your fist now. There ya go that's how much you should be eating per meal.

PPS: eating 6-8 times a day (fist sized portions) actually speeds up your metabolism and lets the body know food comes regularly so get into it and enjoy teaching your body to burn food off.