So you love our classes like any other normal person, we get it they are awesome!! But how much faster would you reach your goals if you threw in 1 personal training a day, or maybe 1 a week if your time poor, perhaps 1 a fortnight suits the budget? Well not only is that all possible with TTF's all new FAST FIT membership, but you also have the benefit of booking online right here at our website (see bookings page) at short notice and to top it all off choose a different trainer as often as you like for added variety.

The beautiful concept of FAST FIT is that you wont be locked into 1 trainer for a set period, the whole idea is for mixing and matching trainers on a regular basis so your never bored. Get a strength trainer one day, a boxing trainer the next, followed by a cardio coach the next, you get the picture.

Your payments are direct debited and on top of the normal gym fees so you can enjoy the hassle-free set up. Ask us more TODAY!