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2 Gym Locations in Adelaide
Huge Classes Timetable
Open 5 am till late
Trendy Equipment
Boxing Ring & Bags
Large Kickboxing Rooms with 20+ Bags -
One-on-One Beginners Sessions - Personal Training

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GOLD: Our top membership

Mate, this is almost like you own the gym. All-access to the gym, every "KICK n LIFT" class, and at any time during opening hours. No joining fees, no exit fees, pause any time & 1 x 30min PT per month with our kick ass coaching staff will keep you on track. 

GOLD CLASSES are discounted for GOLD members & include so much variety there is no other timetable in Adelaide as complete. We run Strength Challenges, Boxing inspired Bootcamps, regular bootcamps, foam rolling sessions, rehabilitation seminars, nutrition talks, full boxing clubs, yoga, pilates, anyway >>> you get the drift, check out the GOLD CLASS timetable to see for yourself.

The other cool thing about GC is that every session is discounted for our gold members, but regular members & even non-members can do them too, so bring anyone you want for a casual visit when you see the session you like, use our app to login & book in like 10 seconds.

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FLEXIBLE: You need a bit more flexibility? Grab our most popular membership.

You focus on reaching your fitness goals and we keep bureaucracy to a minimum. The one time joining fee allows us to maintain low rates while our experienced & kick ass coaches deliver you a massive selection of classes over 70+pw across 2 locations in Adelaide. You can pause for $1pw or cancel anytime you need that flexibility. No lock in, no minimum stay, no exit fee, no hidden fees, NO BS.

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LOCKED: Lock it in - Don't Chicken Out - No Excuses!

You commit to us & we commit right back with this ultra affordable membership. Get moving and commit to 12 months of buttkickery & lift magic. Our classes & coaching staff help you to achieve your goals, maintain your fitness level & crush goals you never thought were possible!

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GYM ONLY: Only want to use the weights & the fitness equipment?

Train solo, no free trial, no classes, unlimited access during open hours.

no lock in, no joining fee, no exit fee, no minimum stay, leave anytime.

Payment options


$25 casual visit (cash/card)

$15 pw unlimited (cash/card)

$9.99 pw unlimited (direct debit)

*For unlimited*

Staff multiply weeks to determine cost.

No discount on bulk buy.


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PERSONAL TRAINING: Mate, we live for that.

All TTF trainers are available for Personal Training (PT) sessions with varied hours & they each specialise in different areas. Not sure who to pick, grab our "KICK STARTER"  pack to decide. It's $139 & gets you 4x30min sessions that can be booked online with any of our kick-ass coaching staff, then once you decide who your best suited to, you can buy packs directly from that coach

TTF runs a dedicated Personal Training Page that includes each of there prices, contact numbers even a link to be taken to there online schedule were you can book straight into their calendar directly.

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Personal Training you ask...

TTF's "Kick Punch Lift" approach gives you a mix of CARDIO Kickboxing & Weights in every class. With pumping music & genuine gym vibes, your strength & weight goals will be reached in no time. Our unique class setup focuses on different areas and styles like:

Kick n BUTT Kick n CORE Kick n HIIT LIFT Kick n CARDIO

We're convinced that CARDIO Kickboxing is the best gym exercise if you want to lose weight, shape & tone your body for that real sexy, lean & natural look. We also offer you a fantastic introductory session with Paul Rose & his team. Paul, owner of TTF, Renowned Boxer & Fitness Coach with over 20 years in boxing, kickboxing, personal coaching, strength & training development. These sessions are called our 101's, they are 30min free sessions one on one with a coach to help you learn the ropes, ask questions & see tour the facilities. They are free, included in the trial & can be booked online once you sign up.

This will not only make you feel a bit more comfortable starting with TTF, we will also provide you with valuable insight, feedback and easy-to-remember tips that you can rely on during your journey to elevated awesomeness.

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