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Members will love using this app to help maximize there class experience. An easy to use Mobile App available on all devices big or small (even stream it from your TV). It's filled with clever & simplified tips on every gym strike & lift all stored in one location & a super easy interface. Perfect to educate & train yourself after hours with the trusted trainers of TTF. 


From wrapping hands, to roundhouse kicks, strong uppercuts, technical hooks, weights training, weight loss, core engagement, correct breathing, nutrition and so so so much more. And if there's a tip you would like us to do, write in to us & we will do it just for you, published live online with-in a few days!!! This is the best $4.99pw value for money in the world.


Another HUGE perk is the workout stacks, designed for those days you cant or just don't want to hit the gym. Each workout is 10 minutes and stackable allowing you to train for as long or as little as you like following our routines any were @ anytime!! Hit up the body maintenance for aches/pains or just a good structured stretch down. Test your fitness with the test's section & track all your progress in neat data charting so your always on track.


Optional Extra: Dial in your friends so you can all train together onscreen while TTF set's the pace.