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This one will lift your spirits, every time!

TTF LIFT Classes - Light-weight training to  natuarally tone your body.

Remember, that TTF was once called Total Toning Fitness? Yeah, let's just say we know our stuff when it comes to lifting and creating a certain look. We focus on light weights & high repetition. You will gain strength, lose unwanted weight, gain muscles and achieve a lean & defined look.

Remember, we're lifting anything that is liftable.

  • Tone & shape your body naturally

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Increase fat burn

  • Increase and maintain strength


Achieve a health, sexy & defined look

TTF is its best, but no kick or punch, just lift!

If you think lifting weights is boring, think again. The various types of weights and lifts, engage different muscle groups. In combination, those exercises create hundreds of options to work on creating a certain look.

Please note: TTF focuses on light-weights & high repetition training. And we lift anything that is liftable. TTF boxes, dumbells, slam balls, barbell weight or your own body weight.


TTF LIFT classes aim to speed up your metabolism to burn more calories while increasing muscular strength.


If you have any questions regarding our lifting classes , please stop by, grab one of the trainers or call Paul.


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