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TTF is all about  CARDIO Kickboxing. And we love it. With no other combination will you ever see results that fast. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscles, simply live a bit healthier or tone your body!

But don't just take our word for it, try us out.
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CARDIO Kickboxing Fitness Gym


Boxing & Kickboxing, the best of Fitness

Cardiovascular training is all about pushing your heart rate to the sweet spot where maximum calorie burn is achieved. You will see results in no time.

But don't just take our word for it, try us out!
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Kick n HIIT

Boxing is the best HIIT - Try it!

Science proves that spiking the heart rate up to a safe zone with "High Intensity Interval Training" and then letting it drop and re-spiking again increases calorie burn during the EPOC effect long after your session ends.

Not to mention increased muscle shock which is imperative for continued muscle response.

High Intensive Interval Training
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Best Gym Membership in Adelaide GOLD

TTF's GOLD Class

Our biggest & best membership.

You'll get ultra fit with all of TTF's premium classes plus GOLD CLASSES. GC's are Sporadically rostered during the year at our Torrensville & Somerton Park gyms in Adelaide. You can enjoy exciting locations from Beach Classes to Boot Camps in the Park to STRONG gym sessions, seminars on food or just basic do's & don'ts of training. With interesting trainers/nutritionists of Adelaide, GOLD Class is the icing on the cake.

Kick n BUTT

Yeah, it's called a Kick & BUTT Class,
but it's so so much more. It's Kickboxing Fitness with a focus on flexibility and strength of your lower body. The large range of motion (ROM) from kicking will help to loosen hips, glutes and hamstrings along with the myofascia that hold these large muscles in place. This helps to develop a strong and sexy butt.

BUTT Training Classes & Kickboxing & Boxing
Light-Weight Lifiting Training Classes for everyone


This one will lift your spirits, every time!

Remember, that TTF was once called Total Toning Fitness? Yeah, let's just say we know our stuff when it comes to lifting and creating a certain look. We focus on light weights & high repetition. You will gain strength, lose weight or gain muscles and achieve a lean & defined look.


Doesn't sound like Fitness? Well, it is!

Had a hard day at work or a tough workout? Static or P & F stretching combined with foam rolling are the best ways to release myofascia, increase flow circulation and get your body back in working order. Our Stretch class is the perfect icebreaker session to check out the gym or start your fitness journey by working on some injury prevention first.

Stretching Classes ... a bit like YOGA
CORE strenghtening classes agains backpain

Kick n CORE

The core of all evil is an evil core!

CORE Classes will help you to maximize your training outcome by focusing on strengthening your core. All other muscle groups can feed off your new-found core strength & they will also organically improve. A strong and flexible core ensures a lower risk of injuries and will help you to enjoy more demanding classes like HIIT.

Personal Training

Get that extra bit of "ME-Focus"

All trainers at TTF are available for PT Sessions from early to late & weekends. We work around your schedule and can offer you 30 min, 45 min or 60 min Sessions.

Personal Training Sessions don't have to follow our Kick Punch Lift approach but will be individually tailored to your goals and needs.
Book your session pack online member portal or contact us to get started!

Personal Training with highly experienced trainers
TTF FIGHT CLUB Boxing Training in small groups of passionate people

Fight Club

Learn the sweet science of boxing.

We'd love to see you trying out the  TTF FIGHT Club! In an "amateur boxing" style setting we will teach you how to hit & not be hit, how to step correctly and when to throw the right punch. TTF FIGHT Club is focused on partnered pugilists who

appreciate the sweet science. FIGHT Club offers different styles from Muay Thai to Boxing.

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