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Boxing is the best HIIT - Try it!

TTF HIIT Classes High Intensive Interval Training based our Kick Punch Lift Approach

Want your training to have an effect long after your training session?
Try TTF's Kick n HIIT classes!

Science proves that "High-Intensity Interval Training" where we focus on spiking your heart rate up to a safe zone, then letting it drop, just to hit it up again, increases the EPOC effect that will burn calories long after your session ends.
Not to mention the increased muscle shock which is imperative for continued muscle response.

Boxing is HIIT - beware of imitations.

  • Short & explosive power exercises

  • Focus on maximal EPOC effect

  • Muscle shock to avoid muscle memory

  • Less training for more results

Kick n HIIT

Cardio Kickboxing & CORE exercises

Challenge your muscles and mind with TTF's Kick N HIIT classes.

This class is exactly what it promises, high-frequency and high-impact exercises set up to get your body working almost at your "no-can't-do-level".

Our trainers are experienced and well-trained! They know exactly where to find
the sweetspot where your body burns heaps of calories calories but you don't get dizzy ;)

Like most of our classes, TTF's  Kickn n HIIT classes follow our Kick Punch Lift approach and focus on our 30/30/30 rule. You will push your heart rate by throwing kicks (30%), landing punches (30%) and doing light-weight lifting (30%).

Even though it sounds like this is a more advanced class, HIIT training is for everyone. Any age, size, gender and fitness level are welcome. Trainers are able to flexibly recommend different movements for everyone to enjoy a good workout.

If you have any questions regarding Kickboxing, Boxing or a specific class, please
grab one of the trainers or call Paul.

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