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The core of all evil is an evil core!

TTF Kick n Core - Get rid of back pain!

Maximize core engagement using the correct breathing techniques & mastering the timing of flexion & re-engaging.

It can take a while, we know that and we support you. However, once you learned when and how to switch on your CORE, you will see and feel the results more noticeably. All other muscle groups will feed off your newfound core strength.

  • Learn how to activate your core

  • Improve your breathing control

  • Increase mid-body strength & power

  • Improve your lung capacity

  • Get more aware of your body's centre

Kick n CORE

Cardio Kickboxing & CORE exercises

Our Kick n CORE classes will challenge and build your body's centre.
This class is all you expect from TTF's Kick Punch Lift approach but with a strong focus on engaging and strengthening your abdominal and your back muscles.

We will help you to become more aware of those muscle groups, show you how to nurture them and of cause how to challenge them.

It might take a bit, but once you learned how to use your core, how to engage those muscles and how to keep flexibility in the right spots, you will feel fit and any back pain will be long gone.

If you have any questions regarding Kickboxing, Boxing or a specific class, please
grab one of the trainers or call Paul.

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