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Boxing & Kickboxing, the best of Cardio

TTF Cardion Kickboxing Classes based on our Kick Punch Lift approach

You’ll get the whole-body workout that will help you to reach your goals most effectively, most efficiently and with the most fun.
Unwanted KGs melt away, your body will be toned, you’ll keep your body healthy and increase your overall fitness level.

Cardio Training that will get your juices flowing!

  • Non-stop, high-repetition training

  • Train at 70% of your max

  • Achieve a lean and natural physique

  • Continiued calorie-burn and after-burn


Cardio Kickboxing as it's best

Keep your heart entertained over a prolonged time to achieve high-calorie burn.

If CARDIO is king, then Kickboxing and Boxing are his queens. Combine the three with TTF’s Kick Punch Lift approach and you form a super-rock band that blows you off your feet.

Every training session will contain 30% kicks, 30% boxing and 30% light-weights training.
We plan our CARDIO sessions as non-stop, high-repetition strike training & weights training. This avoids developing a "bulky" look because you operate your body's energy systems in an aerobic state instead anaerobic state which would be achieved while doing HIIT classes. (*More details below)

Kick n CARDIO sessions (or Cardiovascular training) is all about reaching your "steady state" of calorie burn. The steady state of cardio training refers to a moderate-intensity workout where your heart rate is elevated for an extended period without exceeding your maximum capacity. The level of Cardio training is aiming for is about 60-70% of your max heart rate & holding pace.


If you have any questions regarding Kickboxing, Boxing or a specific class, please
grab one of the trainers or call Paul.


The main difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise is the way the body produces energy. Aerobic exercise relies on oxygen to produce energy and is characterized by longer, lower-intensity workouts, such as jogging or cycling. Anaerobic exercise relies on glucose and glycogen for energy and is characterized by short, high-intensity workouts, such as weightlifting or sprinting. Kickboxing will increase your heart rate during & you will be able to hold your intensity at a higher rate for longer (because there's no weights) this will also result in high calorie burn hours after the session ends. This is called the AFTERBURN.

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