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Yeah it's really called Kick n Butt

TTF Kick n Butt Classes to focus on shaping your bum

Did you know, 1 squat burns more calories than any other single human movement!

No matter if you call it butt, bum, glutes, gluteus maximus or buttox. We help you train your behind and all the muscles surrounding it.

This doesn't only give you a nice back side, it can also reduce back pain.

  • Tone your backside and legs

  • Strengthen your lower back

  • Increase mobility & flexibility

  • Loose fat

Kick n BUTT

Cardio Kickboxing & BUTT exercises

Our Kick n BUTT classes will challenge and build your Glutes & Legs

Kickboxing provides a large Range of Motion (ROM) which will help to loosen hips, glutes and hamstrings. The unique and flexible movements also engages the myo-fascia that holds the large muscles such as your glutes in place. 

Integral nerve endings from your backs finish in the glutes and hamstrings so It's very important to develop a strong BUTT.


This class follows TTF's Kick Punch Lift approach but with a strong focus on engaging and strengthening your lower back, upper leg and buttox.

We will help you to become more aware of those muscle groups, show you how to nurture them and of course how to challenge them.


If you have any questions regarding Kickboxing, Boxing or a specific class, please
grab one of the trainers or call Paul.

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