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Thanks so much for your interest to train with us from your home, the park, interstate or even on the beach while your on holidays, there's always time to train!!! I take my members fitness & skills probably more serious than they do, follow the link above so we can start getting things done. KICK PUNCH LIFT

Suited for:

  • Existing members looking to hone skills,

  • People who struggle to learn in groups, but dont want PT,

  • Workers & Travelers, 

  • People who are nervous about gyms,

  • People who are time poor,

  • Potential members who like to watch us before joining,

  • People who love to train by themselves but need ideas,

  • People who want quick tips (search our data base of exercises, watch n learn).

TTF's home training subscription can be purchased for $7.50pw with a pause/cancel anytime policy.