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For private group sessions only.
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Train with your friends, club members, class-mates or colleagues!

At TTF we offer group bookings for corporate clients, school classes,
sporting clubs, groups of friends and any kind of group that loves to work out together.

You and your posse will get a unique full-body workout that gets your heart racing with joy, all
tailored to your team's goals and fitness levels.

TTF’s KICK PUNCH LIFT approach utilises a unique combination of kickboxing & boxing techniques, bodyweight exercise and light weights training to create training sessions that focus on Cardio, HIIT, Core, Butt, Lift or Stretch.

However, our trainers are experienced in a wide range of martial arts and fitness training, so we are more than happy to create sessions designed especially for you and your group.


Do you want Fun or do you want focus?

The options are endless!

At both gyms, you’ll find a large Kickboxing Room, an amateur-sized boxing ring and a fully equipped weights and fitness section.

TTF is a unisex gym that suits all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. However, we are proud to have a 60% female membership base.

Some details

  • Bookings are available from 5 am in the morning to 8 pm at night

  • Depending on your focus and the size of your group, you can book parts of the gym or the whole joint

  • We're happy to welcome you during class hours, however, our classes are a priority

  • We accommodate groups from 2 to 48 people (max. of the kickboxing room)

  • We can customise the training to your team's fitness level, age and goals

  • All our training is designed to have a low risk of injuries!


We can develop anything from simple circuit training sessions, technical boxing to a holistic 3-month Weight Loss Bootcamp for you!

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Get in touch and start your journey to elevated awesomeness.


If you have any questions please call Paul or Gabi on 0458 946 212

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