INTENSITY -  Rewards fitness, not power. Perhaps the most important metric - this is measured not by how hard you hit, but by how intense you are. Measurement of exertion/output that doesn't rely on your body size or power, but on your technique, hand speed and volume of punches. Throw punches as quickly as possible between launch & impact and with a high volume of punches, you will see intensity score go up. 


AVG. VELOCITY - considers overall velocity of all punches. The average velocity is the max velocity of every punch added up then divided by the total number of punches = AVG.Vel. The more punches you throw the harder it becomes to maintain a high velocity due to fatigue. Power shots (hooks & rips) record higher simply because they have a longer route to travel in there rounded motion. Straights record lower due to the short distance they travel. Click here to see the difference between speed & velocity.  


PUNCH COUNT - factual count. A simple metric that counts each punch you throw. Regardless of your skill level you can beat most people on this metric - in fact the more skillful the person, the less punches they throw because they are usually concentrating on there quality instead of quantity. You will need to have a high punch count to improve your intensity score. Intensity and punch count go hand in hand for each punch gets intensity points. 

GG INTENSITY PER PUNCH - how intense each individual punch is. Total intensity / total punch count = intensity per punch. A brilliant measure to compare boxing component's of session vs session regardless of work off the bag CORE/BUTT/HIIT/LIFT/EXPRESS etc etc.

GG ACCELERATION FACTOR - hand speed. Acceleration factor is your actual hand speed & more important for competition fighters. Measuring distance travelled & rate of acceleration. Intensity / punch count / AVG. Velocity X 100 = Acceleration factor %. This is very different to AVG. Velocity. Click here to see the difference between the two.