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Trainers inspired, specialised services.

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Ever wondered what gym classes could look like if you could push the boundaries?
Yeah, us too! That's one of the advantages of not being a "franchise gym".
We can plan and deliver whatever class we want even if you suggest it, we can try it.


Strength training using sandbags at the beach or lofty group sessions, park bootcamps? Healthy eating & nutrition seminars, Self-defence classes with black belts, training with MMA fighters, weight loss seminars, gym 4 dummys, do's & donts of gym talks, watch or participate in open sparring days with state/national boxing champions ... and yes there is more.

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Our top level membership includes

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unlimited KICK n LIFT classes

unlimited gym use

ZERO joining fee

1 X 30min PT PM

discounted GOLD CLASSES, $10ea

pause/cancel anytime

no exit fee, no minimum stay

Keep the body inspired & mind motivated with our unique GOLD CLASS. Any level membership is welcome even non-members. Members get discounts.


Sessions are casual & pay as you book online with no ongoing commitment. If you like what you see, book online before bookings close as trainers will cancel if their minimum attendance is not hit. Please consider each Trainers travel, planning & set up times following their requested booking instructions online. 

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