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We are introducing the new Gold Standard.
  • Imagine training with Olympians, Officers of the Police Star Force or renowned national Muay Thai champions.

  • Imagine getting nutrition advice from health experts and Adelaide’s best chefs.

  • Imagine training with SANFL players or Boxing champions from all divisions.

  • Imagine having classes at the beach, in the park, in the woods or at designated
    boot camp locations.

All of that and much, much more are our new
TTF Gold Classes!

Gold Classes are the Swiss army knife of fitness. Gold Class training will include many different sports and styles, locations and coaches.

Over the past 18 years, we have built relationships with some of our industries most renowned experts from black belts to elite boxing coaches, national boxing champions, Muay Thai legends and from weapons experts to yoga masters and bodybuilders, top chefs, nutritionists & yes there's even more.

Gold class is worth more than its weight in gold and is now at your fingertips.

We’d love to have our Gold Classes available on a schedule, however, not all experts are part of the TTF trainer team and weather conditions are relevant for some classes. Therefore, once a Gold Class is available it will appear in the member portal and will be promoted online and via socials.

Become a GOLD member for $29.99pw. 

Gold Class with Gold value: Besides the Gold Classes, GOLD Members get one PT each month (which works out better value than the new premium rate) & full access to our member's app (with numerous explainer videos to improve your kicks and punches) You can also train with us any were with pre-organised home workouts in the app for those days you can’t or just don't want to make the gym.