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TTF GOLD Class, This is what you deserve!

TTF Gym Gold Classes Special Focus Gym Classes

You'll get ultra fit with all of TTF's premium classes plus GOLD Classes.
GOLD Classes are specially designed sessions rostered throughout the year.
You will train at exciting locations at the Beach or in the Hills, join Boot Camps with a particular focus, learn from athletes, champions and specialists, and attend seminars on food or just basic do's & don'ts of training.

GOLD Class is the icing on your fitness cake.

  • You'll get the whole TTF Chabang & much more

  • Specially design & rostered classes

  • Unique trainers and sessions

  • Flexible cancellation/pausing

  • 1 x 30 min PT session p.m. included

  • 100+ workout videos & tips on the TTF App


The GOLD Standard of TTF

A great gym experience doesn't have to be expensive!

GOLD classes are included in your GOLD Membership.

Ever wondered what gym classes could look like if you could push the boundaries?
Yeah, us too! That's one of the advantages of not being a "franchise gym".
We can plan and deliver whatever crazy class we want.

Strength training using sandbags at the beach or Lumberjack style wood lifting in the Hills? A Healthy eating & nutrition session with one of Adelaide's top chefs, Self-defence classes with a special forces officer or a Karate Black belt, legwork & kicks training with an MMA fighter, sparring with a national boxing champion ... and yes there is more.



If you have any questions regarding our GOLD Classes and the GOLD Membership , please stop by, grab one of the trainers or call Paul.


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