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Everyone is welcome 

TTF is a 10 year strong community with credibility & stability. We are proud to be unisex but women dominant & our age demographic is between 25 & 55yo. We have teeneagers & retirees aswell!

Free Trial Membership at Adelaide best gym

At TTF we don’t simply sign you up for a trial and then leave you alone; we actually help you to really experience
TTF Kick Punch Lift.


During your free trial, you receive 2 free awesome TTF only classes & 3x30 minute 101 sessions. A 101 session is a beginners "one on one" session with a TTF coach to teach you the basics, answer membership questions, give you a gym tour & set you up with online access to book your own sessions, we teach you all of this in the 101's. 


For the experienced gym junkies out there, we are happy to swap our your 3x30min 101's for extra classes, you will still need to see us on arrival to your first session to get a key tag and have your happy snap taken so our trainers know who you are!.


Next to zero risk of injuries - TTF's style is light & non-contact fitness, super safe & low risk.​

Pros: MUSCLE SHOCK. By having TTF's unique combination of High Intensity light weights & kickboxing in the same class adds spice & fun to your workouts! TTF's special formula avoids muscle memory & keeps your muscles guessing & that's muscle shock.  This ensures our members plateau less & their continual progress. Use our app for 24/7 after class advice.

Invest the time into yourself and learn these sick boxing skills, watch the videos on our TTF Kick Punch Lift app & be sure 2 grab the TTF "Starter pack", @ $139, its a 4 pack of 30min sessions with a coach! Clever & affordable way to master the moves. PT Prices here

Cons: No cons for combining the 2 modalities BUT Remember you're learning a sport! TTF Cardio Kickboxing is great fitness but there is an art to it.Therefore, it can take time to feel comfortable with the strikes, kicks and lifts. 


Repetitive weights training or set programs that last 6-12 weeks often get boring fast not to mention produces muscle memory. By nature weights are slow which is fine, but it also means the heart rate stays low, it may spike on your last few heavy reps but then it drops. A low heart rate just aint burning calories to cut excess fat. Stop wasting your time. The weights "EPOC" effect on calorie burn (AKA "afterburn" ) will never match the "afterburn" of kickboxing & don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, it can't be matched. So now you can enjoy knowing that you will be burning calories long after the TTF class finishes compared to more traditional trainings. (the 30-60 rest & set programs). While weight lifters are resting between sets, the boxer keeps working & burning!!

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