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or as we call it 101

Get the most out of your free trial!

Free Trial Membership at Adelaide best gym

At TTF we don’t simply sign you up for a trial and then let you alone; we actually help you to really experience
TTF Kick Punch Lift.


During your free trial, you will attend three 101 sessions in which you will experience what we do at the gym,
kick, punch & lift.

After those 3 sessions, you will be well-equipped to try a couple of kickboxing-focused classes or sign up for a lifting class.


Relax, we're a gym for everyone! We just think you deserve a proper introduction to TTF Kick Punch Lift.

All levels welcome!

Even the more experienced gym heads should attend at least 1 of our 3 101 sessions, to receive a gym tour, some tips and tricks, info regarding classes and to set up your key tags.

Sign up today & start your journey to elevated awesomeness

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TTF's Kick Punch Lift approach is based on a unique combination of Cardio Kickboxing & Light Weights Training. This style, plus the pumping music & the genuine gym vibes is what our members love & for over 10 years now!

Our classes are unisex and designed to have low-injury-risk to fit all shapes, sizes, health levels and capabilities.

However, we are proud to say that 60% of our members are women.

With TTF's Kick Punch Lift approach, you will reach your strength & weight loss goals in no-time!

During your free trial, you will get personal tips and tricks from one of our experienced trainers. You learn skills that you can use even if you decide not to sign up with TTF.

For more details about our classes please click below:

Of course, learning kickboxing strikes takes more than a few trials.

That's why owner and renowned boxer Paul Rose & his team designed the "101introductory program that is absolutely free of charge for you.

101 is an offer to all newbies and you'll receive 3 x 30min sessions to help you get comfortable with your new favourite gym, learn some of the basics and get heaps of easy-to-remember tips that you can rely on during a long-lasting membership. 


Contact us now to get started Paul & Gabi 0458 946 212

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