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Learn the sweet science of boxing!

TTF Fight Club Boxing Gym in Adelaide

We take this seriously and we are ready to take you to your next level!

TTF Fight Club is focused on partnered pugilists who appreciate the physical and mental challenge, the strength and agility they develop and the comradery amongst fighters.

TTF Fight Club is open to all genders & sizes and yes we can teach anyone the sweet science.

  • Focus your mind

  • Learn patience

  • Channel your energy

  • Explore speed, timing & power

  • Optimise decision making

  • Be part of a great community

Fight Club

Professional & Amateur style boxing classes

Challenge your body and mind, learn to be more focused and calm.

We teach you how to hit & not be hit in a calm environment, stepping correctly and at the right time, picking the right shot to throw.


Boxing is not taught or learnt overnight, be patient and focus on the long run.

TTF's founder Paul Rose 2009 retired from elite boxing competition as Boxing Elite State Captain,  to become South Australia's Head Coach & State Manager. 
Now, Paul brings his passion and over 20 years of experience, inside and outside the ring, to every Fight Club training.


Fight Club is mainly focused on boxing but also offers different styles such as Muay Thai or Kickboxing.


If you have any questions regarding our Fight Club, please stop by, grab one of the trainers or call Paul.


Times & Days

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