Are there beginner classes? Short 10 minute sessions capped at 4 persons max & squeezed in-between our regular classes, these are designed to be on-going for the duration of your membership & eventually jumping you into the advanced sessions. We believe that teaching too much in 1 big session the information can get lost, so learning 1-2 things at a time before or after the class you already came for saves you time & knowledge is better retained. These are displayed in the member portal when booking but not on the PDF timetable.

What can I expect from TTF?
SMILES. We are a high energy service based gym & the best gym to provide an exciting variety to your fitness journey through our BIG 3 (KICK   PUNCH   LIFT). Our target market is weight loss, body maintenance & general strength training. We focus on classes, challenges, bootcamps & personal training. Our classes are extremely well organised & set up, staff are well trained and experienced strike & lift coaches.

Is there a shower/change room? 
Of course, Torrensville location has 1 shower/change room & 1 powder room with hair straightner & a hair dryer. Available all day. Somerton Park location has 8 showers & change rooms with plenty of vanity space for getting ready.

Membership options? After 10+ years in the industry we have learnt to create something for everyone. Unfortunately we cannot display every option online as there are far too many options. Please ask us if you cant find what your looking for.

Who is Kickboxing good for?
Anyone looking to burn large amounts KG's and break away from the typical fitness programs.

Do we train in partners? NOPE. You will never hold pads for another member at TTF. We call that poor man's kickboxing, LOL. You can train next to a buddy of course but It's just you vs the big heavy bag and you will have your own equipment selection at your own weights station with light & heavy options. We do have certain formats that move so you may move every round changing stations but it's still your own space. We also have a signature class that's called punch 4 punch! You take turns smashing the bag which is great fun & motivating.

Who comes?
Our members range from 14yo - 75yy with a 70% female member base. 

Is it for Fitness or Competition? 
Most members are beginners - intermediate. We are not a competition club so at the point were you excel and are looking for advanced partner skills we can pass you onto a great compeition club near & suited to your style. We are good friends with many many competition clubs all across Adelaide.

Can I do weights as-well? No problems. We offer close to 20 LIFT classes per week and you wont be hitting the bags at all. Our gym is also fully equipped with free weights, cable machines, smiths machines, bikes, rowers & other key equipment. We are slo well know for being unique, so dont be surpised when you see sleds, torsonators, sledge hammers, tyres, battle ropes & many more fun toys.

Pros & Cons of Kickboxing Fitness?
Pros: Highest form of calorie burn per session resulting in fast weight loss.
Cons: Remember your learning a sport it's not just fitness, it can take time to feel comfortable with the strikes. Book into beginners classes or advanced classes if you just need a refresh.

What do I need?
Towel, water, gloves & a smile. (We sell gloves & hand wraps onsite, we hire gloves also)

Can I train by myself aswell as classes?
Generally yes! Most memberships include full gym use so before & after classes you could use the equipment to kill some time!! When in class, you are expected to follow the class format as it's distracting to others if your off doing your own thing. (injuries are an exception and trainers make alternatives for this)

I have injuries, can I still do classes?
Most of the time yes! Trainers have experienced most injury cases and can offer you an alternative to moves you feel uncomfortable with. NEVER do a move that you feel uncomfortable with, get the trainers attention in class and they will show you on the spot. If the trainer is busy with other members, you can approach them or change the exercise yourself to something more comfortable. EG: Sit ups hurt your back, just do squats. Serious injuries will require a letter of clearance from the appropriate health care provider.