reopen strategy

June 9th

How stoked are you that restrictions are being lifted???? If you had to cancel your membership but are ready to plan your return to us, please contact me here. For those of you who kept your memberships active during COVID-19 from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much. Words are just not enough. So here's what I am doing for you. And yeah I'm doing plenty & no I'm not crazy, hang on... Yes, YES I AM CRAZY. 

  1. Match your dollar for dollar spend during COVID-19 in a Structured "give back" period over 12 months from June 9th 2020.

  2. Free TTF hoodie or training singlet (while stocks last).

  3. Access wholesale prices to our supplements range for 3 months (many other brands available).

  4. Adding a "zoom" style feature so you can train with your friends anytime & any-were in the world on our "Home Workouts" App.

  5. Expanding Adelaide's biggest timetable to over 70 classes per week from early mornings to late nights and loads more weekend times (check the picture below).

  6. Rewarding a pair of mini diamond gloves (Diamond gloves represent loyalty at TTF, so you will always be able to look at these and know how we feel about you)


TTF rules & Government rules as of 10:00am 19/6/2020:

(Governments have been changing/making/adding rules so we will keep up as required)

  1. Social distancing: 1 person per 4 sqm.

  2. Signs of sickness: You will be asked to leave. 

  3. Classes - upstairs only: 20 members spaced 1per 7sqm plus staff. (fines apply if breached)

  4. Individual use - downstairs only: 20 members spaced 1per 7sqm plus staff. (fines apply if breached)

  5. Hygiene: Wipe down all of your own equipment before & after class.

  6. Bookings: Non-negotiable - Book via your member portal here.

  7. Cancellation fee: $10 charge if less than 12 hours notice.

  8. Other: No shower facilities, no fans, no water fountains, no sharing/trialing gloves, no lingering before/after workouts, AIS MOTTO - "get in, train, get out".



If there's anything more specific to your situation we can help you with, just ask me.


Timetable Snip.JPG