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Your new favourite gym!

At TTF you get a unique full-body workout that gets your heart racing with joy.

TTF’s KICK PUNCH LIFT approach utilises a unique combination of kickboxing & boxing techniques, bodyweight exercise and light weights training to create fitness-focused classes such as

Kick n CARDIO, Kick n HIIT, Kick n Core CORE, Kick n BUTT, LIFT & STRETCH.

At both gyms, you’ll find a large Kickboxing Room, an amateur-sized boxing ring and a fully equipped weights and fitness section that is also free to be used by all members.

Our classes are unisex and suit all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels.
However, we are proud to have a 60% female membership base.

You will have the opportunity to train from 5 am in the morning to 8pm at night with classes starting every 45-60 minutes.


Book yourself into our 101 Sessions or to learn the basics, if you are experienced, jump straight in.

And if you want to have a real push, book yourself a Personal Training session.


No matter if you're a beginner or advanced member, if you just (re-)started your fitness life, if you're big or slim, our classes are designed to have a low risk of injuries.


You are encouraged to pace yourself and ask for help and alternative moves if you’re uncomfortable with some kicks, punches or lifts.

TTF offers one of, if not the, biggest timetable of classes in Australia, and we open early and close late (5 am to 8 pm)

Classes are not your thing?

You’ll love our fully equipped fitness and conditioning area featuring modern fitness equipment, multifunctional weight machines and FIVE tons of weight.


TTF is a team of expert trainers and they’re simply fun to be around. Drop in, have a look around, have a chat with one of them and sign up for a FREE 7-day trial.

TTF Somerton Park - A labour of love!

Mid-2022 we opened TTF Somerton Park. With a lot of help from family, friends and members, we transformed a former office space at the corner of Brighton Road and Oaklands Road into a state-of-the-art CARDIO kickboxing gym.
Paul's "insta-famous all-nighter" where he spent a total of 42 hours painting the place while posting on socials was only the final stint of an eight-week renovation.
Thanks again to everyone helping, and very very special thanks to Gabi (Paul's wife) and Janey (Paul's mom).
Please drop by and have a look at the place.

TTF Somerton Park Family Built.jpg

Bit of TTF Trivia

TTF started as Total Toning Fitness in 2012 and since then we are proud to be a complete gym that aims to help you shred unwanted KG's and sculpt your muscles naturally.


We do this through the unbeaten & unsurpassed form of cardio kickboxing & cardio weights.


TTF owner Paul Rose is a veteran in the gym industry and a renowned boxer who retired as South Australia's Head Coach & State Manager of Australia’s Boxing Elite in 2009.

He went on to establish 5 gyms in South Australia, and to train many trainers that now own their own gyms.


Living and breathing a seriously intense side of full contact sports, Paul's core belief is that fitness needs to be fun in order to be a lasting lifestyle for athletes or everyday gym goers.

He strives to drive this into TTF day in & day out from the culture to the services & the layout of the gym, everything is fun & practical to use.

One last thing

TTF is a family-owned local business and one of the longest serving gyms in Adelaide.
This is thanks to a great community of members and the support of locals.
At TTF we appreciate the differences of our many members and try to support them Individually as much as we can.


Some of our members, that are with us for 3, 5, 8 or 10 years, say that TTF simply has a different, more personal vibe than the big franchise gyms.

We'd love to see you around!
To make the decision even easier for you we offer a FREE 7-day trial.

Sign up today for your journey to elevated awesomeness.


If you have any questions please call Paul or Gabi on 0458 946 212

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