10 year birthday: Bring family & friends, kids & past members also welcome!

How exciting, having run gyms for 18 years & worked with the best of the best in the fitness & boxing industry, It brings me a great sense of pride to see how TTF has been supported by it's members for so long! 10 years baby, wooop wooop. We are now proud to say (and you should be too) we are the second longest serving gym to the western suburbs of Adelaide & Australia's largest class timetable. Stable, Strong & Loyal is the promise.

Celebration Saturday 19th March 2022 1:00pm:

At the gym, BYO, some drinks provided & BBQ sausage sizzle.

Good times w great people, family, friends & old members welcome.

Increased Class sizes: Postponed due to covid restrcitions.

Details: Dates TBA. This increase was mainly done for peak times such as 6am & we do not expect over 24 in other times of the day so you can enjoy small class numbers in a spacious gym spread across our HUGE timetable. Our kickboxing room is 220sqm so even at a full house of 48 we are at 4.5sqm per person. This can change subject to future covid requirements.

NOTE: When all the bags are taken, please stand on a white mat, these are our lifting stations. Be patient while the trainer needs extra time to cue both groups. Lifters & Strikers.

Booking Notice: Now 1 hours.

Details: Because of the class size increase we need to know numbers to plan. So the minimum booking time is now 1 hours notice before class start time which was previously 2 minutes. Please book ahead & do not arrive without bookings.

Cancel period: 12 hour cancel period reduced to 1 hours: 

Details: The previous 12 hour notice period required is reduced to 1 hours. You will not be able to cancel a booking with less than 1 hours notice, instead you will be marked as a no show which remains unchanged at $10. You can cancel with more than 1 hours notice and there is no charge. This is to ensure Trainers know accurate class numbers before class so they can prepare for the session. We would still appreciate a heads up if you missed the 1 hour cut off by text.

Abolished cancel & transaction fee:

Transaction fee Details: The $00.77c transaction fee is gone. With the membership price increase TTF will now absorb the transaction fee charged by direct debit companies on behalf of the member. You will only see the actual gym fees debited from your account with no other fees added on top by ezidebit. We pay those for you now.

Cancellation fee Details: The $10 cancelation fee is gone. With the increase of class sizes we see no reason to keep this in play as there shouldn't be a waiting list past 48 people. 

Membership price increase:

Details: Due to increased overheads, membership rates & packs will increase to the following Jan 1st 2022.

10 packs: $149.99ea

Locked: $19.99pw

Premium: $24.99pw

Casual: $28.99pw

Gold: $29.99pw

We are super proud to offer these new rates and still remain the most affordable on the market. Despite increased overheads the past 21 months of the pandemic in SA, TTF has not increased prices during the pandemic until now. We trust you can continue to see value in us and support the need to increase.

Gold Classes: Designed to add spice & excitement.

Details: This is such a cool idea, now at your finger tips, BEACH, PARK, STRONG, YOGA & BOOTCAMP sessions plus hands on presentations for everything fitness related. From nutrition talks with experts and Adelaide's best chefs to learning correct technique with boxing olympians to strong bootcamps with officers from the STAR FORCE of the Police, black belt experts, oceania champions, Sports Strength Coaches, SANFL players, weapons experts, countless Boxing SA State champions, & national champion Muay Thai Legends even State Coach's of Elite Boxing, even a Mr Australia Body builder. TTF has built relationships with some of our industries experts & gold class is worth it's weight in more than gold.. TTF taking it up a notch baby!! GET GOLD NOW. Join Here. or email us to learn more.


Because not all experts can be staff of TTF, the sessions must be sporadic & session times will appear on the member portal when staff & experts are available and weather permits. You can become a GOLD member for $29.99pw. 

It's value is already supreme: Even with no gold classes, please keep in mind, GOLD Members also get 1 PT per month (which works out better value than the new premium rate) & full access to our members app which has every kick & punch explained in detail to maximise your class experience with us plus all lifts are also sorted for you. You can also train with us any were with pre organised home workouts in the app for those days you cant or just don't want to make the gym. Each workout is 10 minutes and can be stacked as long as you want. The no show fee benefit is removed.

New Staff & New Location:

Details: Somerton Park has been talked about alot this year and yes it's true we have a lease on a property there to open our second TTF site which we are super excited for. However, this is not guaranteed yet as we are still dealing with local council and building requirements. Stay tuned, as much as i'd love it to go ahead, we are not there yet and it may still be declined. Regardless we will be doing another site either way as we are ready & new equipment is waiting in storage.

We are currently hiring new staff regardless of Somerton Park as we seek to offer upto 500+ Gold Classes per year and beef up our already great training team. Feel free to recommend anyone you know who may like to work with TTF as we are currently advertising and conducting trials/interviews.